Assortment of The Farming Families Magazines and The Bridge

Custom Publications

Reach your members with a custom high quality magazine that reflects your values and mission while providing content they find interesting. 

Branded magazines or newsletters help maintain relationships with your customers or members and establish your business or organization as a leader in your industry. 

We think of custom publications as a traditional form of content marketing. Nothing tells a story or relays a message better than a well-written article with eye-catching photography.

With customized publications, you can combine your marketing goals with the information needs of your target audience. Custom publications sell your product or service by not outright selling but educating and entertaining your customers through content they find beneficial and entertaining. 

Harrisburg Bridge Fall 2021 cover
Soybean Leader Spring 2021 issue cover
Hawarden Today 2021-22 Community Guide
Hartford Living Cover 2020
SD Farm Bureau 100th Anniversary Publication
South Dakota Farming Families Magazine December 2020 cover
Nidaros 100th Anniversary Book