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BETKOTA Sportsbook branded materials


An extraordinary brand delivers a consistent set of expectations to your audience—keeping your goals and mission top-of-mind when they see your logo, promotional materials, apparel, signage, and advertisements. 

BETKOTA Sportsbook logo

BETKOTA Sportsbook

BETKOTA Sportsbook needed to make a strong statement in their branding—logo, colors, promotional materials, onsite signage, and apparel.

Their branding needed to reiterate that the sportsbook is based in South Dakota—the first locally owned and operated sportsbook in South Dakota. Our team highlighted the locality of the sportsbook by incorporating eastern part of South Dakota's state line on the right side of the logo.

The sportsbook is located in the Midnight Star Casino in Deadwood and accepts wagers placed onsite at the sportsbook. 

What was included in the brand strategy and design for BETKOTA Sportsbook?

Jekyll & Hyde BBQ

Jekyll & Hyde BBQ

When three high school friends decided to start a food truck to sell their one-of-a-kind barbeque products, they needed a fun name and logo to stand out.

With a unique barbeque flavor that's a bit sweet and a bit spicy, the name Jekyll & Hyde BBQ came to mind. Our team developed this fun logo that captures the character and accurately represents the barbeque.

Jekyll & Hyde BBQ logo

What was included in the brand strategy and design for Jekyll & Hyde BBQ?

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