• Mindy Gross

Attending a Trade Show? Capture Leads with SMS

We’re approaching trade show season! Have you started planning your exhibitor booth and display yet?

Of course, the primary purpose for having a booth at trade shows and events is to showcase your business and get to know fellow exhibitors and attendees. It’s always fun to meet new people face-to-face.

Businesses often distribute brochures and business cards but attendees can misplace them, and they may get lost among the shuffle of other collateral. Having a sheet available for attendees to write names and numbers or email addresses down can be a nice way to collect leads. However, you may return to your office and discover many of those contact names and their contact information is not legible.

AGE SMS is a convenient and effective tool for collecting quality leads at trade shows and events. Below are some ideas to get the most out of your SMS service as an exhibitor:

(1) In a prominent location, place a tablet with your online kiosk pulled up. Place signage promoting your text alerts. Also show a keyword and short code as an alternate method to sign up.

(2) Include a link to your digital business card. In your opt-in reply, include your .vcf file. This can be for a specific representative at the booth or business office phone number and address. This way, the new subscriber can simply save your contact information into their Contacts. No need to enter your business card information into their phone. You can generate a v-card link using the form on the website vcard.link.

(3) Hold Giveaways through a Text-to-Win campaign. Promote a giveaway for those that sign up for your text alerts. This helps drive attendees to sign up for your text alerts.

(4) Use SMS to send digital promotional material. In place of brochures, share your information digitally. Post the information to your website or upload the PDF to your website. Send the link in your opt-in reply. Perhaps you have some helpful tips for managing a business that you want to share. Establish yourself as a reliable resource and expert in a specific industry or topic through sending your e-books or blog posts. Be sure to shorten links using the bitly feature in the AGE SMS platform.

Using traditional methods to promote your business such as brochures and to collect leads through written forms or drawings can certainly be effective. Adding SMS to the mix gives you a quality lead you can easily text in the future without the need to type information into a separate system.

SMS can encourage an immediate action or engagement; you can send a link for them to call or email you, visit your website, watch a video, complete a survey or save your v-card. Using a communication and marketing vehicle that gives a customer the convenience to take action right from their mobile phone is priceless.

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