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Turn Podcast Listeners into Customers with SMS Marketing

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Boost audience engagement with SMS.

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As you explore your journey as a podcaster, how are you growing your audience?

Regardless of your podcast goals, you want to increase your listeners.

Whether you're just wanting to create educational and entertaining content or producing a podcast to make money, you need a marketing strategy to grow your listeners, boost engagement, build loyalty, and promote word-of-mouth marketing. Entice engagement using SMS.

A text message call-to-action is an effective tool that allows a listener to sign up for exclusive announcements, visit your website, or request more information, for example. Sending a text message is more convenient than remembering a website to type into a web browser.

Let's say you are seeking story leads. Encourage your listeners to text in a keyword with an auto reply that includes the link to a landing page with a short online form where they can submit their story idea. Include an email opt-in form and send users who subscribe to your emails a link to complimentary content or a chance to win a prize. Now, you have not only collected a story recommendation and their phone number for texting but also their email address.

Podcasters who produce podcasts to make money often encourage listeners to visit an advertiser's website and use a promo code for a discount. Instead, consider creating a text-in keyword so the listener can simply receive a link with the pre-filled promo code in the automatic reply message.

You might also consider a long-term sponsorship that allows your sponsor to send a text blast to those that opted in to receive the discount on their product. However, this requires that privacy policy, terms of texting, and opt-out instructions are included in the initial keyword reply. So, if this is a potential business opportunity, present it to the client upfront.

But how do you grow your text subscribers? Giveaways are the number one method to grow a text list. Consider your target audience when determining the prize. For example, if your audience is women 25-54, you would not want to hold a giveaway for a gift card to a hunting store. Perhaps a $150 "shopping spree" at a local boutique or a day at the spa is more relevant.

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Advantages of Using Text Messaging with Your Podcast


Higher Response Rates

It is more convenient for a mobile user to send a text instead of typing a link into their web browser. When tested, the SMS call-to-action typically results in 325% more data acquisition than the link.

Capture a Lead

When a listener texts in, they receive a reply that they are signed up for your text club. They are opting in for your text message group. Moving forward, you can send them links to your podcasts, content, or a link to a product you're selling. You can also use SMS to survey your subscribers.

SMS is Trackable

Simply monitor the number of subscribers that text in the keyword promoted during your podcast. For outgoing messages, the AGE SMS platform includes a built-in Bitly URL shortener. When you generate a Bitly and include it in an SMS, you can see the number of clicks on that link.


Follow up with listeners who opted in to request feedback or provide a link to additional content complementing the podcast. Don't miss out on the value of the auto response when they text in a keyword.

Long-term relationships

Instead of encouraging listeners to simply visit a website with no guarantee you will capture their contact information, use SMS to own that relationship and continue to text them helpful content so they remain part of your text club.

In addition to the keyword to short code opt-in method to grow your text club, be sure to take advantage of the opt-in web forms, QR code for print collateral, and the link you can attach to banner ads and publish to Instagram stories and other social media.

Why use AGE SMS for your podcast marketing efforts? AGE SMS is an easy-to-use web-based texting platform that allows you to quickly create keywords that match your group names. Simply track the number of listeners texting in your keyword by monitoring the number of subscribers in each group. Try an A/B test to determine what triggers listeners to text in. Is it a giveaway? A request for additional info or content you discussed during your podcast? A general question? Make note of what seems to encourage the most action and let that guide you in future podcast topics, SMS campaigns, and list growth efforts.

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