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How SMS and Facebook Can Work Hand-in-Hand

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Facebook and SMS are both great marketing methods. Combining the two can help engage and boost your Facebook followers and grow your text club subscribers.

Giveaways are an excellent way to grow your text club. Consider holding a giveaway to help entice your customers to opt in to your text club. Make note of regulations for giveaways on Facebook.

First, create a unique landing page with your website opt-in form or use a web page where you have pasted a pop-up with the opt-in form. AGE Media provides a custom code to AGE SMS customers that can easily be added to the company's website.

Whether or not you're holding a giveaway, be sure to outline the benefits of joining your text club on your landing page.

How to Promote Your Text Club on Facebook

Create a post on your business Facebook page's news feed.

Facebook post promoting your text club
Screenshot of Facebook post promoting text club

1. Save and publish your custom landing page with the opt-in form.

2. Create a fun social share image that pops up when you share the link to your Facebook page. If you do not have a design program, consider using Canva, an easy-to-use web-based design program. They have free and paid options.

3. Make sure to add a fun title and description that is relevant to your text club opt-in page.

4. Create a new Facebook post- type up some fun text about your your SMS club then paste the link for the opt-in web page you have created.

5. The social share image should show up on the post.

7. The image is now clickable and directs Facebook users to your opt-in page.

Note: If you delete the URL from the Facebook post, the social image should still show up and click through to your opt-in page.


Share a clickable image as a story on your personal Facebook page.

You cannot currently embed a link to a story on your Facebook business page, unless you have more than 10,000 or more fans.

Promote text club on a Facebook Story
Screenshot showing how to promote your text club on a personal Facebook story

You can use your personal Facebook page to share a clickable image to a story.

  1. Create a post on your personal Facebook page with the link to your opt-in landing page.

  2. You should see the social share image.

  3. Remove the URL; the clickable image should still be on your post.

  4. Add a bit of text that reads something like: "Hey friends! We're kicking off a text club with a fun giveaway. Would love for you to join!"

  5. Edit privacy to publish then publish it.

  6. Next, share your post to your story.

  7. You will see that it pops up on your story and the image is clickable.

  8. This places your clickable image in a prominent location at the top of your friends' news feeds and can be viewed for 24 hours.

View the video tutorial below for creating a clickable Facebook story:


How to Promote Your Facebook Page With SMS

Boost engagement on a Facebook post—send a link to your Facebook post and encourage reactions, shares, and comments. Engagement helps extend organic reach and improves your placement on Facebook users' news feeds.

Grow your Facebook Followers— include your Facebook page link in your SMS campaigns. Let customers know they can find helpful videos and tips on your Facebook page. Encourage them to like and follow your page for the latest news. Make note of the exclusive Facebook content you'll be sharing on a regular basis.

Make sure you have customized your Facebook page URL by creating a Facebook page username. This means your Facebook page URL is simple and looks something like this: facebook.com/AGETexting. You can abbreviate the Facebook page URL from Facebook.com/[yourusername] to fb.com/[yourusername].

Click here to see how it works: fb.com/AGETexting

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