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Growing Your SMS Database

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Studies show that SMS is the most cost-effective method to market and communicate to a large number of consumers. However, it is critical that you can document how they opted into your SMS service.

Having multiple methods for customers to easily subscribe to your SMS communication is key to growing your list. Reach customers while they’re shopping or browsing your website, shopping your store, dining at your restaurant, looking at your print ad or as they see your posts and ads on social media.

AGE SMS & MMS offers six ways your customers can subscribe to your text alerts, as outlined below:

Table signage promoting text club

Short Code

When customers text your keyword to an easy-to-remember short code, they receive a welcome message confirming they have opted in to receive text alerts from you. This is the number one opt-in method because it can be easily and widely promoted.

Mobile Tap to Opt-in Button

We provide customers with HTML code for a button that when tapped by the consumer opens a text message pre-filled with a customer' opt-in keyword. This opt-in method works only on your mobile website. Place this button in a prominent location on your website. If you need assistance with this, we are happy to help.

Online Form Widget

We provide our SMS customers with a code that can be plugged into their websites that creates a simple signup form on their websites.


AGE Media can generate QR code that when scanned with a mobile camera, opens a pre-filled text message that sends your keyword to your short code to collect the opt-in. Print your SMS QR code on promotional materials including print ads, direct mail, posters, table tents and other in-store signage and even delivery boxes and receipts.

We do not suggest using your QR code in an email or on your website because many online users read their email on their mobile device.

Example of online kiosk pulled up on a tablet
Example of online kiosk pulled up on a tablet

Kiosk at Your Store or Trade Show

Our customers’ unique URLs can be pulled up on a tablet at a store check-out or at a trade show booth. You can even pull the screen up on your mobile phone!

Pull up your online kiosk URL on your

mobile phone!

Written Forms

You can still use a paper form to collect phone numbers but must have a checkbox for them to confirm their permission to receive text alerts from you. If they have not clearly marked the box, do not send them a text message. Keep those forms on file for reference.

Promote your SMS Opt-In Methods

Regardless of your opt-in methods, you need to tell customers about your SMS. Tell them what your text alert program is. What kind of messages will they receive?

Inform them of your keyword, promote your keyword on posters/ table tents/ napkin holders, etc., add your keyword to your ads—traditional and social media.

To grow your SMS list, reach customers where they are.

Don’t limit your SMS program only to those who see your web form or your short code. Give them multiple ways to subscribe to your text alerts. Consider other options convenient to your customers to grow your list—whether they’re shopping in your store, catching a Facebook ad or magazine ad, visiting you at a trade show booth, or signing paperwork at your office. Reach them where they are.

Updated 12/29/21

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