• Mindy Gross

Are you paying for Incoming Text Messages? You shouldn't be.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Any SMS provider charging you for incoming messages is simply adding a little extra.

A customized SMS platform built to send mass text messages is required and outgoing messages sent through those platforms cost money. However, any replies to the phone number you're sending text messages from do not cost service providers money. So, why are they charging YOU?

With AGE Media, you only invest in the text messages you send to your customers. You have options for them to reply with keywords to further segment them into more unique groups or to receive feedback and questions which you can collect daily and respond accordingly. There is great value in using incoming messages. You can be very creative.

Keep in mind, anyone replying STOP to unsubscribe to your text alerts is an incoming message. So, again—if an SMS provider is charging you for those incoming messages, you may want to consider why.

AGE SMS is happy to work with customers to create creative campaigns that are efficient and cost effective. Contact us today to learn more about our texting service.