• AGE Media Writing Team

Dial in on the Benefits of Trackable Phone Numbers

Trackable phone numbers are unique local or toll-free phone numbers connected to a specific marketing campaign. Through these unique numbers, businesses can collect data to pinpoint the source of the lead and determine the effectiveness of different advertising avenues.

Telephone calls remain a critical opportunity to interact with existing and potential customers. Are you confident your call handlers are providing the highest quality customer service? Do you know the source that lead to each phone call?

With call tracking, you use a unique phone number for each marketing channel that is part of your marketing and communication plan—magazine or newspaper ads, direct mail, brochures, your website as well as on your Google business listing.

AGE Media provides trackable local and toll-free phone numbers that allow businesses to determine how effectively advertisements and other marketing vehicles are performing. Reports include detailed information about the referral source that initiated the phone call. Remember, these numbers can be used for print collateral and ads as well as online search and keyword campaigns.

How It Works

When a business prepares a print and digital marketing campaign, they might use a unique number for each channel. This might include publications, newspapers, radio stations, brochures handed out at a trade show, direct mail, your Google business listing, and the phone number on your website. Consider using specific phone numbers on web pages matched up with various keywords to monitor your pay-per-click campaigns.

Advantages of Using Trackable Numbers

Improved Marketing ROI

Monitor your reports to determine the best sources of quality leads. You might get a lot of phone calls through a digital channel but few conversions compared to a magazine ad that attracts leads who schedule appointments. As you know, consistency with any medium is key; you cannot necessarily expect phone calls to come in immediately after running one ad. However, when it comes time to re-evaluate your advertising, scale back on the methods that may not be performing well and shift budget to other, more productive channels. Make informed decisions based on true data.

Increased Conversion Rates

AGE Media’s phone call tracking program provides accurate appointment conversion metrics. You can look at real data to ensure all call handlers are performing at their highest capability. If there are shortfalls, you can work with them to set goals.

Ensure High Quality Phone Handler Skills with Recorded Calls

In addition to helping businesses determine how

effective their marketing efforts are, our trackable phone number software also records each phone call. This is an opportunity for businesses to assess their call handlers’ customer service skills. Of course, you will want to make sure your employees know they may be recorded. With your employees’ inbound phone calls being recorded, you can evaluate that your customer service goals are being met and if not, coach your team as needed.

For more information about call tracking and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.