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We'll help you immediately and effectively reach your customers. 

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• SMS & MMS Account
• Unlimited Keywords/ Secondary Groups
• Flat Rate, Usage Based Pricing

The Switch-a-Roo

If you're already using SMS as a marketing and communication tool, great! We're confident our SMS platform will save you money, give you more opt-in methods, and offer more features than your current provider. Contact us!

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• SMS & MMS Account
• Unlimited Keywords/ Secondary Groups
• Flat Rate, Usage Based Pricing
• SMS Brand Reputation Builder
• SMS Employee Recruitment Tool


Why Use SMS Marketing for Your Pizza Shop?

SMS marketing allows you to easily and quickly send a text to your customers. 98% of all text messages are read so you know they will see it. 

Not only is SMS a great marketing tool to promote exclusive specials and new menu items but also to communicate news and updates. 

Grow your business by encouraging repeat sales through deals and offers and exciting new product announcements. 

AGE SMS and MMS is easy to use, affordable and cost efficient—saving you time and money.

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AGE SMS & MMS for Your Pizza Shop










Longer than Average SMS Character Length

AGE SMS allows up to 240 characters per SMS message compared to most providers who allow 160 characters per SMS message. This includes spaces and emojis. 


Unique Toll-Free Number

Each client is assigned a unique toll-free phone number for sending text messages. No other businesses or organizations use that number. 


Unlimited Keywords

We do not limit the number of keywords or groups.

Unlimited Subscribers

As long as you follow TCPA Guidelines to acquire your subscribers, you can send texts to as many subscribers as you want.  


Multiple Opt-in Methods

We offer several easy ways to collect text club subscribers, making it easy for you to grow your list. 

1. Keyword to an easy-to-remember short code (Ex: Text AGE to 72727)

2. Website sign-up form  

3. Tap to sign-up button for your mobile site 

4. Scannable QR Code (We generate and provide a QR code that when scanned—collects text club opt-ins. Print this on your table tents, posters, flyers, and other print collateral.)

5. Online Kiosk (Pull-up an interactive screen for on-site phone number entry.)

6. We can upload a CSV file of subscribers who have opted to receive text messages from you and transfer them to our platform. 

In addition to sending messages, our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to: 

1. Schedule Messages

2. Review Previous Blasts

3. Review Replies and text back through the platform. 

4. Shorten URLs through our built-in Bitly URL Shortening Tool

5. Evaluate weekly Click-Through reporting for any Bitlys that are generated using our SMS platform. 


Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Costs 

Our rates are comparable or cheaper than most SMS service providers. Volume discounts available. Contact us to learn more.

Assistance with Promotional Materials and Strategizing Campaigns

Our team is happy to help develop promotional images for social media and onsite promotion. We also enjoy brainstorming ideas of how our technology can help your business in other ways.

Family Owned Business

Like many restaurants, we are a family-owned business. We built our media and marketing company from the ground up with a vision to provide customized marketing services to businesses with smaller budgets. We value the relationships we have developed over the years and the opportunities we have been presented with as a result.