Grow your business by engaging with your customers. 

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Engage with your customers through text message marketing.

Reach a targeted audience without a huge investment.
SMS marketing is no longer a question of sending out thousands of texts in the hopes that some of them reach your target demographic. You can send messages to customers, clients, and those that have opted in to receive communication from you. So, today’s SMS marketing is more likely to reach a receptive and responsive audience.

An Audience that Wants to Know More

Consumers are more likely to subscribe to general brand email campaigns on a whim. Those opting into mobile programs are more discerning. According to The Wireless Association, when it comes to SMS contact, consumers limit themselves to brands they really care about before signing up to SMS marketing. This gives you the power to market directly to a loyal and captive audience.

More Effective Than Email
Text messages are difficult to ignore. Emails with subject headings can sit in inboxes for weeks or easily get sent straight to trash. This is largely why email open rates are a poor 22% compared with a staggering 90-plus percent SMS open rate. Texts are opened quickly, creating optimal efficiency for small businesses looking to promote flash sales and same-day events and promos.

Better Customer and Marketing Value Analysis

It’s increasingly easier for businesses of all sizes to gain valuable info from SMS marketing campaigns. It’s simple to track where users are texting in to join, whether it’s via print ads, social media channels or in-store advertising, etc. This gives you real insight into the relative effectiveness of your other advertising streams.

Creating a Branded Dialogue

SMS marketing enables you to open a dialogue with customers. Email marketing tends to be one way, with no-reply communication. Via SMS, communication feels more one-to-one, personal, and it’s easier to engage customers in replying to you with feedback.