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Multiple Opt-in Methods

Offering multiple opt-in methods are key to quickly and easily growing your subscriber list. 

1. Keyword to Short Code [Ex. Text AGE to 72727]

  • Promote your keyword to short code across Facebook and other social media sites

  • Promote it in print ads and other print materials and/or direct mail

  • Promote it on table tents, window clings, and other in-store signage

2. Website Signup Form— We provide you with a widget to easily paste on your website that generates a form for customers to key in their phone number and sign up for your text club. Example below. Add this to your website home page, online check-out pate, and in emails. 

Track the Jekyll & Hyde BBQ truck and stay up-to-date on upcoming events & specials! Sign up for our text alerts!

Msg&DataRatesMayApply. Up to 4msgs/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to end.

3. Tap to sign up-mobile button—We provide code your web developer can easily paste on your website or a pop-up that creates a mobile button to help collect text club subscribers. See the example below. 

JHBBQ mobile opt-in gif.gif

4. QR Code—We generate a customized QR code to add to your print ads, posters, or onsite signage. Scan with your mobile device to see how it works. 

72727 (9).png

5. Link— Attach our unique link to banner ads or publish on social media. See examples below. Try clicking the banner ad from a mobile device to see how that works or reference the mobile screenshot video on the left to see how your phone opens a pre-filled text message with your texting short code and keyword for easy opt-in. - 2021-11-22T171503.952.gif

6. Online kiosk— Pull up our kiosk URL on a tablet to see an interactive screen that allows customers to manually type in their phone numbers. The below example is not interactive, but you can see how the screen appears when the kiosk URL is pulled up. 


Easy to Use Platform

Easily create and send messages with our browser-based texting platform.

We are here to guide you with any questions you have.  

Longer than average SMS character count

AGE SMS allows up to 240 characters in an SMS compared to many other SMS providers that have a 160-character limit. For their service, if you want to send more than 160 characters, you need to pay for two SMS messages. 

Unlimited Groups and Keywords

Groups allow you to segment your subscribers. You can do this through keywords which match

up with groups in our platform. We do not charge you for keywords.

Trackable Links

You can see the number of clicks on any URL you shorten using our built-in Bitly tool and include in an SMS or MMS. We strongly recommend you always include a link in your messages to give subscribers a measurable call-to-action. 

From there, you can easily calculate the Click-through rate on your SMS campaigns. 

Assistance with Designing Promotional Material

We are happy to create collateral for onsite and digital promotion of your text club.