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Research shows that SMS has up to a 98% open rate.*

Why use SMS Marketing?

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Reach a targeted audience without a huge investment.
SMS marketing, you can be confident you're not just sending out thousands of texts in the hopes you reach some of your target audience. Customers sign up to receive communication from you. So, today’s SMS marketing is more likely to reach a receptive and responsive audience.

An Audience that Wants to Know More

Consumers are more likely to subscribe to general brand email campaigns on a whim. Those opting into mobile programs are more promising. According to The Wireless Association, when it comes to SMS contact, consumers limit themselves to brands they really care about before signing up to SMS marketing. This gives you the power to market directly to a loyal and captive audience.

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Higher Open Rates than Email

Research shows that 98% of text messages are open while an average of 20% open rate for email. How many unread text messages do you have? How many unopened emails are in your inbox? With SMS, subscribers do not need to log into an account to see your message. 

Better Customer and Marketing Value Analysis

It’s increasingly easier for businesses of all sizes to gain valuable information from SMS marketing campaigns. With the AGE Texting platform, you can track the number of clicks on the links in your text message. You simply generate a shortened URL through our built-in Bitly tool, and you can monitor the clicks in real-time. It’s simple to track where users are texting in to join, whether it’s via print ads, social media channels or in-store advertising, etc. This gives you real insight into the relative effectiveness of your other advertising strategies.

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Creating a Branded Dialogue

SMS marketing enables you to open a dialogue with customers. Email marketing tends to be one way, with no-reply communication. Via SMS, communication feels more one-to-one, personal, and it’s easier to engage customers in replying to you with feedback.

Multiple Opt-in Methods 

AGE Media offers multiple opt-in methods

  • Upload an existing list of opted in subscribers

  • Website form

  • Mobile tap-to-subscribe button

  • Opt-in Link

  • QR Code

  • Interactive Kiosk

  • Landing page with opt-in form

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Unique Texting Number

AGE Texting does not use short codes for texting. Each of our clients receives a unique toll-free number used to send their texts. Many SMS providers send messages from a shared short code. Toll-free texting is an affordable option to have your own number for mass text messaging, saving $1,000s compared to having your own short code. The AGE Texting platform enables you to use your toll-free number to efficiently send SMS (text only) and MMS (text photos or animated GIFs). 

Short Code

Unlimited Keywords

AGE Texting offers an unlimited number of keywords which allows you to segment your subscribers into groups. 


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Number of

characters in

your message

SMS with 240-Character Count Maximum

SMS messages sent with the AGE Texting platform can include up to 240 characters; most mass text messaging platforms allow only 160 characters in an SMS message. 

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to send a photo or GIF.

While SMS works well to send out promotions, reminders, and announcements, MMS gives you the opportunity to send more creative messages with enhanced photos, holiday designs, and animated GIFs. 

Studies show that customers interact more with the content of MMS vs. SMS. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our MMS platform also allows for a longer message length. However, keep in mind that customers do not like to read a long text message. 

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Lead Generation 

The AGE Texting Lead Generation tool allows people interested in your company or organization to start a conversation with you by providing their name and reason for contacting you along with other basic information of your choice. You will receive those answers and phone numbers so you can easily follow up with them. These leads want to learn more about your company. Use this texting tool for recruiting new employees, volunteers, and potential sales leads. Our lead generation tool gets the conversation started, saves you time, and gives you confidence you're following up with individuals genuinely interested in your company. 

See the tool in action by texting AGE to 888-290-0230. 

Custom SMS Platforms and Integrations 

Looking for personalized text messages? We can integrate our texting platform with most email platforms so you can use custom fields such as first names in your messages.

Contact us and let us know what you're looking for, and we would be happy to give you an estimate. 

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