About Us

Rooted in integrity and trust, AGE Media & Promotion is a strategic marketing team that specializes in providing high quality marketing services to help customers tell their story and stay connected with customers using traditional and modern-day marketing methods. 


Our team produces video and print materials— traditional advertising that gives businesses an opportunity to creatively craft a piece that consumers can enjoy using their senses. There is immeasurable value when a consumer receives a high-quality marketing piece; it reflects the prestige of the business. This is the artistic side of marketing. Traditional marketing methods can be a creative way to connect with specialty audiences who enjoy some downtime from social media and the Internet.

Our team also specializes in modern-day mobile marketing tools including SMS (text message marketing), mobile app marketing, in-game advertising, mobile banner ads, QR code marketing, and more. Mobile advertising efforts are able to provide impressions and click-through data—the scientific side of marketing.

We work with some of the region's top talent who share our vision to bring stories to life and allow our business partners to engage with their customers. 

Meet the Founders

Garrett Gross, Co-founder of AGE Media

Garrett Gross

Co-owner/ Principal, AGE Media & Promotion

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Mindy Gross

Co-owner/ Marketing Director, AGE Media & Promotion

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Bob Fitch

Editor of AGE Media & Promotion Magazines

(Farming Families Magazine, The Bridge of Harrisburg, and Hartford Living)

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